This summer, join us in The Study for a Slow Content Challenge!

What if instead of trying to make a hundred tiny pieces of content, you focused on making one good thing?

That’s the intention behind the Summer of Slow Content, an annual-ish challenge we host live in The Study.

For a limited time, watch the kickoff session below to get a feel for what it's like inside!

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What do you secretly want to do all day?

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Taylor L.

"I've been part of the Pretty Decent community for over 2 years and it's been the best investment I've made in my biz AND life."

Lenéa S.

"I feel so much more confident in the language around what I do. As a creative person, I'm an educator first‚ÄĒI don't think of myself as a business person. I have all the knowledge in me, but no one's ever guided me through organizing it before joining The Study."

Ela M.

"I took something that I had in the back of my head that I had wanted to do for forever, and The Study helped me give it language and direction and a life of its own."

The Study is a place to learn and practice the interdisciplinary art of working for yourself.

Inside The Study you'll find courses, classes, digital systems and live events, all designed with the sole purpose of helping you make a living doing whatever it is you really love to do.

Watch this video for a tour:

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"I get SO MUCH VALUE from simply being a part of The Study. Lexi has such a gentle command and authority that sings true leadership loud and clear to me. I‚Äôve done LOTS of biz courses and she really has the knack of providing easy-to-understand, effective and helpful information that actually feels achievable.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄĒ Hayley McCann

Inside The Study, you'll...

Design your next product or service offer

We'll teach you how to empathetically design and quickly prototype product and service offerings, generating both revenue and critical customer feedback.

Get good at the Internet

Feel like you're on a hamster wheel of shiny objects and urgent trends? Come learn a sustainable, strengths-based and fun approach to marketing your work online.

Meet people that actually get it

Entrepreneurs need to be able to brainstorm and talk shop other entrepreneurs. In The Study, you'll find "believing mirrors," people who get what you're trying to do and are happy to offer feedback, advice and/or a listening ear.

Organize and clarify your millions of brilliant ideas

With our beloved Sales Planner, you'll finally have a place to put all of those "Aha!" moments (and know where to find them later). Use our templates and prompts to make launch, content and sales planning 10x easier.

If this is you, you're invited to The Study.

Our comprehensive collection of resources, courses, templates and tools were all designed specifically with these people in mind:

ūüé® Creative business people, by which we mean anyone who wants to make a living doing what they love

ūüí° Divergent thinkers who can’t go on a walk or take a shower or stare at a tree without coming up with 12 new ideas

ūüíł Artists who want to get paid to share your work with the world

ūüĆÄ Knowledge workers who need to feel like all those research rabbit holes are a valuable use of your time

ūüėĶ‍ūüíę Solo-entrepreneurs who feel like they're constantly spinning 15 plates while also doing the Cupid's Shuffle on a skateboard

‚ĆõÔłŹ Anyone who’s ever struggled to actually finish an online marketing course (bc same)

ūüó£ External processors 

‚ėēÔłŹ Freelancers who find it easier to work in coffee shops (and/or miss having coworkers to brainstorm with)

ūüėÖ And finally, anyone who wants to identify with one or more of the bullet points above but is stuck in the "watch every YouTube video ever but take no action because trying in public scary" phase of starting your own business


To take something out of your head and make it real is

a gift,
an experience,
a process,
a challenge,
& an experiment.


Whether you’re printing t-shirts or designing websites, your ability to create is, well, magic.

You know this — you see it in the way you take one thing (an idea, a thought, a melody, a doodle) and craft it into something else (a course, a video, a ballad, a portrait).


You intrinsically possess this powerful gift, and yet somehow the to-do list grows longer and longer.

Eventually, you look up from the screen and notice that the business you started so that you could get paid to do what you love is suddenly filled to the brim with a bunch of tasks you feel, at best, ambivalent about.

Sound familiar? You're not alone.


The question is:
What would help?


  • Resources?
  • Tools?
  • Expert launch strategy and copywriting and offer design support?
  • People to talk to, get feedback from and externally process with?
  • More ideas?
  • A roadmap?

If the answer to any or all of these is HELL YES, you’re in the right place:

You’ll find all of this and more inside The Study. 

Hear From The Studiers Themselves

We hosted a roundtable with some of our founding members to hear about their experience in The Study. You can watch the video or skim the highlights below.


"I feel more on purpose than I've ever felt before.

I also feel braver than I have felt before because I'm not alone. I know I can do it with people. [The Study] is like a license to be in an experiment with these community members. And that means that I can't fail — that I just experiment."

— Isabella Goldman

"Who knew the Internet could hold such close relationships?

I legitimately can't manage my life without our Strategic Intuition Circles.''

‚ÄĒ Rebecca Simone Anthony

"When I entered The Study, it was really like ground zero for me. I was very much in a kind of transitional space.

Showing up to class every week, returning to myself and my visions and being supported in that — that helped keep me on my path.

[The Study helps] me not give up on the things that I want it to bring forth and create and show up for."

— Samantha Martins

"The way that you teach is so incredibly helpful in ways that school was absolutely not. It's just incredibly astounding to me all the time. Like, I'm constantly telling people,

"I f*cking hate being in school, but I love Pretty Decent and the things that I learn here.''

Like, it's incredible, the fact that you provide accountability for me to like, sit down and actually be working on things. And a community around that—I know I always have people to turn to."

In The Study, you'll learn and practice interdisciplinary skills like...

Design Thinking

Launch Strategy

Product / Service Design

Motivation Science

Email Marketing

Content Production


Sales Planning

What's inside?

The Study is both a gathering space and a library of courses. When you join, you get evergreen access to The Study.

Think of it like getting a library card, or a magical key. We're not changing the locks on you. Once you're in, you're in.

Inside, you'll receive a detailed roadmap of resources helping you design profitable offers (products/services) and then create persuasive marketing campaigns to sell them. You'll have the help of a bountiful Notion library filled with templates, prompts, checklists, generators, calculators, and cheat sheets.

Not one to finish courses? Neither are we! Which is why we also host regular live classes, labs, community support circles, planning retreats, and workshops to help you actually implement what you're learning.

In the end,¬†The Study¬†is a¬†springboard¬†for creative business owners ‚ÄĒ a place that¬†makes it easier for you¬†build¬†a business doing the things you really love to do.

Here's some of what you'll find inside:

Offer Design Sprint

What are you selling? Who is it for? Why does it matter? How does it work? This quick, easily repeatable design sprint clarifies your product or service idea into an easy-to-explain offer.

In the Offer Design Sprint, you'll build the most critical entrepreneurial skill of all: Designing things people actually want to buy.

Internet Business

Marketing and selling your offers online doesn't have to be complicated, but it is easier with a system.

Our comprehensive launch design course Internet Business gives you the tools to think like a launch strategist, planning your sales calendar with intention and ease.


Strategic Intuition Circles

Entrepreneurs need a water cooler, too. When you work for yourself, you don't always get the chance to kick back, debrief, share inside jokes and ask for help from your coworkers. Our beloved weekly live Strategic Intuition Circle offers you a reconnection to other people who get it and are also trying.

Can't make it? We upload it weekly as a private podcast, just for you.

Fridays at 2 pm ET

Night School

So much of the online course industry is missing the most critical element of learning: Being able to turn to someone else and say "Are you getting this? Can you help me?"

Our live Night School classes offer you body doubling, yes, but also guided support. Whether it's a Copywriting Lab or a Quarterly Planning Session, our studiers say Night School is that one time of the week they can count on actually getting the important work done.

First three Tuesdays of the month at 7 pm ET

Syllabus here!

Big Paper Planning Day

Not quite ready to design an offer? Why not start by designing your life? All Studiers get free access to our live Big Paper Planning Day virtual retreats. 

The next Big Paper Planning Day retreat options January 18 or 21, 2024. 

FYI: If you want to start with Big Paper Planning Day, you can always join and apply your ticket as a credit to The Study later on.

BONUS: 24/7 Connection and Accountability

As a member of The Study, you get access to our private Slack filled with meaningful channels and connection points. Find some great copy on the Internet or on the street? Listen to a great podcast? Need help with your Notion, want an extra eye on your sales page, or simply looking for a coworker as you bust through your accounting for the month? We've got a place for that. 

Any hour, any day, drop by the Slack for real conversation with real people who are also trying in public and doing the brave thing.  

Internet Business: A Creative Guide To Getting Your Work Seen, Shared and Sold

Ready to get good at the Internet?

In this self-paced course, you'll learn how to design both evergreen and live launch campaigns. You'll experiment your way to a sustainable content marketing ecosystem, one that builds trust with exactly the people you want to reach. You'll practice writing copy and designing sales pages, finding ways to let it be it easy and intuitive. 

And you'll do it all with the coolest tool we have: the Sales Planner.

PLUS! Introducing your new Holy Grail: The Sales Planner

What would it feel like to be able to open up a page each morning and see a clear big picture view of your business at a glance?

That's what the Sales Planner empowers you to do. Each chapter of Internet Business walks you through the robust system, introducing you to all of the goodness inside — from Sales Page & Email Generators to content repurposing templates.

WHAT'S INSIDE? Step-by-step launch planner! AI prompts galore! Quarterly sales planning! Task management checklists! 


Our Spring 2024 Schedule

  • Night School:¬†First three Tuesdays at 7 pm ET.¬†We'll spend our Fall Semester going through the course Internet Business live. Click here for a syllabus.
  • Strategic Intuition Circles: Fridays at 2 pm ET. Weekly¬†meetup to process your week, find a lesson and ask/offer support. Recorded and uploaded as a private podcast for those who can't attend live.
  • Big Paper Planning Day:¬†January¬†25 or 28,¬†2024. Members of The Study get free access to our quarterly¬†life design and¬†planning retreats.¬†

Unlock the support, guidance and resources that will help your creative business grow 

Want to talk about it first? Click here to schedule a tour of The Study.

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  • Evergreen¬†(‚ąě) access to The Study, through all future iterations and updates. Think of it like buying a key to a secret clubhouse full of artists and entrepreneurs ‚ÄĒ we're not changing the key on you, so dip in and out as much as you'd like.
  • Once¬†you're inside, you can check out any number of resources from our library, including:
    • Offer Design Sprint
    • Internet Business course & textbook
    • Sales Planner
    • 30+ Notion workbooks and templates
    • Dream Work Life Gallery
  • Or swing by live for events like:¬†

BONUS: Pay in full to unlock a 1:1 launch planning session with Lexi and map out your next digital marketing campaign! (90 min)


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